The Plan

09th May 2014
Just over a month ago I decided to climb the 7 summits - the 7 highest mountains on the 7 continents. These are:

Mt Elbrus 5642m Russia - EUROPE
Kilimanjaro 5892m Tanzania - AFRICA
Carstensz Pyramid 4884m Indonesia - OCEANIA
Vinson Massif 4892m - ANTARCTICA
Aconcagua 6962m Argentina - SOUTH AMERICA
Mt McKinley 6194m Alaska - NORTH AMERICA
Mt Everest 8848m Nepal - ASIA

I have given myself 2-3 years to complete it; with sponsorship, training and support I believe I can do it.
I will be taking photographs during each expedition and hopefully once I've climbed all 7 mountains and come back in one piece, I'll put on a photography exhibition.
I hope I will inspire young people during my journeys, especially who suffer with eating disorders. I've decided to donate 10% of sales of my pictures to a charity called b-eat.