About Alexandra
Professional sportswoman and award-winning fine art mountain photographer, Alexandra has set a challenge to climb the highest mountain on each continent. If successful, Alexandra will join en elite club of summiteers and become the only Hungarian to climb all seven mountains.

Alexandra had her first taste of climbing mountains in March 2012 when she made a solo three-week trek in the Nepal Himalayas. The experience was life changing and inspired Alexandra to reach even greater heights by setting one of the biggest goals of her life so far – to climb the 7 Summits.
Alexandra tackled the first of the 7 Summits on 9 June 2014 as a very proud member of the first team to summit Russia’s Mt. Elbrus, the highest mountain in Europe, from the difficult north side in pre-season.

Less than six weeks later, on the 17th of July, Alexandra successfully climbed Mont Blanc solo, without a guide, team or support. She summited at 6.45am, reaching the top in just over four hours. She has also successfully summited Kilimanjaro in September, second of her ‘7summits’. On the 6th of December 2014, Alexandra stood on the top of the highest point of Antarctica, Mt Vinson. After months of hard training and preparation she summited one of the most difficult one; North America’s highest peak Denali in June 2015. Continuing her 100% summit success, she climbed Aconcagua in South America on the 2nd of January 2016, the highest mountain in the world outside the Himalayas and recently stood on the top of Oceania's highest point, Carstensz Pyramid in Indonesia on the 19th of March 2017.
To keep pushing her boundaries, she successfully climbed the Matterhorn in August 2017 without acclimatisation. She has now begun training to scale the highest mountain in the world in the spring 2018.

Alex is raising £8,848 (the height of Mt. Everest) from the public towards her Everest expedition fees (£30,000). Any donations are highly appreciated.

£ raised

Goal: £8848

Sponsorship Opportunities

Alexandra’s 7 Summits expeditions offer a range of private and corporate sponsorship opportunities, providing not only valuable return for your very generous philanthropic investment but also the chance to make one courageous woman’s dreams come true and provide a platform from which she hopes to inspire not only young women across the UK, but touch the hearts and lives of people from all walks of life across Europe and beyond.
The expedition fee, which includes the climbing permit ($11,000), accommodation, tent, food, oxygen and support from a climbing Sherpa starts at £30,000.
After giving it some thought, I decided to open the sponsorship opportunity to five companies only so I can ensure a better exposure and more coverage.
For your very generous support, these are the things I can offer in return:

PR & Media:
You can rely on my marketing wheel to help with broadcasting working together with your PR & marketing for greater coverage in the next 6 months leading up, during the 2 months I’m on the mountain and afterwards.
- Featured in blogs, articles, newsletters and other digital media
- Featured on my own and your company’s social media
- I’ll be suppling you with content: photos, inside stories, videos first hand from the mountain
- Brand exposure at events and micro lectures
- Mentions and brand visibility in printed and online media plus TV & radio interviews

- Being a brand ambassador
- Logo on my website
- Motivational speech to your colleagues and staff members
- Artwork for your office, meeting rooms

Extra cool stuff:
- 30x20in photograph of Everest
- professional photographic services
- summit photo
- your company displayed on my training and climbing clothing
- an invite to an exclusive photography exhibition of my 7 summits mountains
- hard case for your mobile phone (with Everest or any other image from my website)

Alexandra would be happy to consider other ways to support your brand and company, please get in touch to discuss your ideas.

Alexandra Nemeth contact details:
+44 7886877900