Climbing Mt. McKinley/ Denali Afterthoughts..

28th June 2015
To sum up the whole trip would take me as much time as writing the trip notes, by now the reader must be Denali-ed out so I'll keep this short message and sweet.
I knew when I signed up for this trip that I had to train harder than ever before, have a positive attitude on the mountain and dig deep when needed. I left London thinking, am I going to be back in 3 weeks? Or 4? Am I going to summit? There are no answers as you can never ever predict what happens during the Denali expedition. My blood blister could have gone worse stopping me to get higher (thanks to my fab guide, he looked after me and the blister so well for about a week every morning), altitude or my heart condition could have broken my dream to summit or weather could have stopped us all (as it did to many teams). Experienced neither of these and I feel incredibly fortunate.
Yes climbing with 7 men and sharing a tent with 2 for 2 weeks was challenging but again I am lucky to say I had a great team with 2 very strong and experienced guides. There were low points and hard times but I shall learn from these and remember the good moments only.

This trip, my 4th of the '7 summits' was also self funded but my amazing sponsors made it possible for me to book the next - Aconcagua in December.
It's not just the fund they helped me with, but they gave me a huge mental boost before I left. Every time I looked down and saw their logos on my jacket or packed and re-packed the banner I knew they were there with me in spirit.
My boss Chris at Canvas Gallery for letting me follow my dream and keep my position at the gallery, Robin, Lesley and Helen at Alexander House Wimbledon, Chris at Park Accounts, everyone at Robert Holmes, my family and my dearest friends - this summit was for you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in me, your generous support and unconditional love.